Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

As I sit in our sun room this morning staring at our Christmas tree, sipping coffee, and listening to the rain hit the window… I began to reflect on what an amazing Thanksgiving weekend we had. 

We are always unable to go back home for Thanksgiving due to the girls being in school and getting the church decorated and ready for the Christmas season. But I am so very grateful for friends who have always treated us like family and have invited us over to spend Thanksgiving with them. 

Here are a few thoughts:

  • The Wednesday night preparation is just as fun. Me and my girls wondered around Kroger laughing and sampling everything. We must have been in the store for over an hour. 
  • Finding the perfect Christmas tree with Tiffany is a chore. But she seems to do it every year. And this year may be the best.   
  • We start every Thanksgiving morning with Sausage Balls and the Parade! It’s our tradition and to be honest… I get just as excited as the girls. 
  • About half way through the parade the Black Friday newspaper comes out. And we begin making our game plan for that night. Even the 5 year old got in on the action!  
  • No matter how early we began to get dressed for Thanksgiving lunch… We are always rushed to make it on time. 
  • Diane MacDonald and her family sure do know how to cook! I get so excited when I think about her sweet potato casserole. 
  • I played some game that afternoon called Spike Ball. It was fun… But after eating so much Turkey… My body was having a hard time reacting when my brain said move!
  • Leftovers on Friday are just as good as the day before. I always look forward to Turkey sandwiches the next day!
  • Alabama beat Auburn which makes for the best weekend of the year. 
  • We always go to this house with friends after the game to let the kids run around in all the Christmas lights. They put on quite a display.   
  • Church the following Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. We kick off the Christmas season. And yesterday was a great service. 
  • There is no better way to end the Thanksgiving weekend than with Hallmark Christmas movies. 

It was an incredible few days. We laughed and ate until it hurt. We slept. We played football. We watched movies and decorated the house. 

I truly kicks off the most wonderful time of year. 

What about you? What did you do on Thanksgiving? What are your traditions?