Please… Don’t Look Down (A look at Racism)


I grew up in a small town in Alabama. It was full of fun, laughter, football games, church, and yes… Racism. I know that doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. It’s still alive and well all over America. And I hate it. 

I hate the fact that we can judge someone simply by the color of their skin. We can think we are better then others by the neighborhoods we grow up in and the kind of car we drive. It’s all so superficial. And wrong. 

And here me out… Racism goes both ways. It’s not just Whites hating on Blacks. That’s what we like to point out. But it’s also Blacks hating on Whites. And also Hispanics hating on Koreans. And so on. 

It’s simply people hating people… And it needs to stop. 

I know racism is alive and well in the U.S… But I didn’t expect to see it play a role in society in South America. As we arrived in Peru and began to meet people I noticed one major thing. The beautiful Peruvian people were not making eye contact with me. I thought maybe it was a cultural thing to not look at guest. But I was wrong. It was soon explained to me by a fellow Peruvian Pastor why most people will not look at you. 

It’s Racism. 

They have been taught from the time the Spanish Conquerors invaded Peru that the people with “light skin” were better and more superior. So they don’t want to make eye contact with you. They believe they aren’t worthy. 

And this is still the case today… 500 years later!

When I heard this… It broke my heart. I wanted them all to know that I loved them. That I believe in them. That I am their brother in Christ. No more… No less….

I made it a point on the rest of the trip to be a lifter of their heads. To make them smile and hug as many as possible. 

(This lady can cook)

Racism sucks… On all sides. What if we all decided to just treat each other like people. People who deserve respect and desire love and acceptance. This world would no doubt be a better place. 

Please… Don’t look down!

Brandon Hester