Peru Day 1:My name is Chicken


I’ve never been in a place where the language barrier was so great. I’m Certainly now on a pursuit to learn this Spanish Language! I went around yesterday telling everyone my name was Chicken! And even told someone they had a nice butt! God help me!

Peru is an incredible place. The natural beauty is mixed with the smell of trash. There are literally dogs all over the place. They just run wild here. And the poverty is indescribable. 


Yet they are more happy then most of the people I know in America. 

They have their God and their family. And that is seriously all they need. I have so much to learn from these people. My eyes are open. My heart is filling and  breaking at the same time. 

We’re off again. I’ll write more later!



Brandon Hester


  1. I gald you over there in person and just working for God. Hope and pray for the next one. I know all those people will be grateful to you and wife. God bless you. Be safe

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