You find yourself walking along a beach at sunset. The sand is cool and no longer sticking to your feet. The wind is blowing the chilled air just enough to make you want a sweatshirt. 

You do what everyone else in the world would do in that moment… Pull your camera out and take a picture of the sun disappearing into the ocean! The sky is filled with Orange and Red and Purple. It’s absolutely breath taking!

But for some reason… We take those beautiful pictures… And add different filters to them to make the scene even more beautiful. 

This is what Instagram has taught us to do… And it’s ruining true beauty!

The problem with filters… It’s fake! It’s no longer that breathtaking image you saw without a camera in your face. 

But that’s the way we all live life right now. We will take something that is indeed beautiful and try to add filters to make it look even better. 

We’ve taught our daughters that you must add makeup to reveal your beauty… False! 

You will always find true beauty in the rawness of the image… Not the doctored version. 

I want to see the real you. I want to see the pictures that you took that were beautiful to you. In the moment. 

Let’s stop adding filters to everything we do?

#NoFilter… #Ever

Brandon Hester