Nick Saban: Be Where Your Feet Are.

  The first Saturday morning of every month we together for our All Staff meeting. We don’t look at our Ministry Leaders as volunteers… But we see them as our staff. The responsibility is greater when you’re actually leading a ministry instead of just volunteering in one. 

So I feel as though it’s my job to make sure they are all growing as leaders. It’s truly one of my favorite meetings of the month. Dispite the fact that it is Saturday mornings. 

Today we watched a video of Nick Saban teaching students about football and life. He taught on a principle that struck a cord with everyone in the room today. 


Don’t get caught looking backwards. It will effect the next play. Don’t get caught thinking about the future. That creates anxiety. Be right there in the moment and do exactly what you need to do right now!

Great reminder today to just be present right now. Stop thinking about the way last week ended. Stop thinking about what next week holds. Enjoy today! Right now. This very moment. 

Be where your feet are!

Brandon Hester