My Life is Out of Balance


Don’t have time to exercise? Can’t seem to find the strength to go out and do the things you use to love to do? Does work seem to take over your life? 

Don’t worry… Most of us live life this way. It doesn’t make it right… But it is completely normal. And nothing will change until you get to the point in life where you hate normal! You hate feeling worn down all the time. You hate not having enough time to spend with friends. 

I understand. And I hate it all as well. 

The first thing you need to do is identify the areas that are deflated in your life… And work on them first. It’s hard to work on all the areas in your life at once. When we try… We get discouraged and even more tired. 

Here is the sheet that I have been using to help me determined the areas in my life that need to be worked on. It’s a super simple worksheet that I keep in front of me as a constant reminder. This is just an example… This is not my actual sheet. 

On the sheet… a “1” would be least satisfied, and a “10” would be most satisfied. So when you feel the sheet out, do get get a perfect circle? If not… The low areas are the areas to improve. 

Hope this helps you take your life back! 



Brandon Hester