My Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President…

Let me first start out by saying I did NOT vote for you. I think you’re a great guy. I think you’re someone I could be friends with. But I was unsure as to if you could run a Country. I was unsure if you had the leadership skills to pull a Country together for a common cause. 

My suspicions were right. And you’ve left me with more questions then answers. 

I just don’t understand Why…

Why do you think you play by a different set of rules than the people you lead? You instituted a healthcare plan for all Americans that you claim is so great… Yet you don’t use it. You take amazing vacations multiple times a year… And that’s great… But we Americans are the ones who pay for it. If I were to use my Employers money to take a great vacation… I would be fired before I got off the plane. That’s insane. 

Why are you more committed to your Democratic Party than the people you serve? I get it. I understand politics. I know the game you’re playing… But you’re playing the game at our expense. You passed every Bill the Democratic Party put in front of your face… And you have vowed to veto the Bills brought to you by the Republicans. Even if that Bill is for the good of the American people. I’m not saying the Republicans have all the great ideas and the Democrats are horrible. I think they both bring things to the table and everything should be looked at. 

Why won’t you just come out and say you’re a Muslim? It’s obvious… So very obvious. In the decisions you make. In the way you reference the Bible as compared to the Quran. In the way you try your best to protect the Muslim people. In the shear neglect of Israel. I think you’re afraid of the backlash. You know we are a Christian Nation founded on Christian Principles. And you know the moment we as Christians come together on any issue… It’s game over. But what you don’t know… Many of us will continue to pray for you no matter what. 

You see… Your job was to position us all for success in the future... Not define what life will be for all of us for years to come. 

You job was to support what we believe as people… Not force us to go against the things we stand firm on. Many will never see the letter you sent to all churches the day after your re-election stating if we didn’t make abortions available for employees… You were coming after us as a church and will shut us down. 

We should be able to trust the person we have placed as the head over our Nation… And we can’t.

But your time isn’t over yet… You can still show the American people you care about them. That you’re here for us. You have a chance to say… “WE THE PEOPLE” know best what we want… And it’s not “YOU THE GOVERNMENT” that get to decide what we want. 

BE THE CHANGE you promised us back in 2008. Your time is not done yet. I believe you can do it. I will continue to pray for you every morning. 

God bless you… And May God Bless America!

Brandon Hester