Making Storm Preparations

Hurricane Joaquin is currently pounding the Bahamas. Many models have it coming up to visit us by Sunday. And I’ve been losing sleep ever since the path began to shift our way. 

Now if you know me… You know I love storms. Growing up in Alabama… Hurricanes are really nothing new. Tornadoes form all the time. And Servere Thunderstorms happen daily. 

I used to love to go outside and watch the storms roll in. I loved trying to stand up while the wind was blowing hard. I found it to be thrilling. 

I still love storms… But now that I’m responsible for so much… I hate to see them coming in. And of course… Hurricanes always seem to arrive on Sunday’s. 

So who really knows what the next few days hold. It may be just a lot of rain. It may be heavy winds knocking down trees. 

I’m not quite sure what that means for service yet friends. So hang on. Make preparations as if the hurricane is coming for us. And I’ll be in touch with everyone!