Lesson Learned from that Stupid Dress!

What color is this dress? That was the biggest question going around the internet last night. It captured all of our attention. And when I woke up… It was even on Fox News!
Gold and White.
Blue and Black. 
Blue and Brown. 
It sparked a debate all over. 
But it goes to show that we… People of Earth. Can all be looking at the same thing, yet see things so different. And naturally… What we do is separate ourselves based on the way we interpreted what we saw. 
Religion does it. Schools do it. Society does it. 
We let some of the stupidest things drive wedges in between us as people. And it’s time to stop. 
Let’s all stop focusing on the things that separate us… And let’s focus on the things that unite us!
BTW… I saw Blue and Black! Ha!

Brandon Hester