Leadership Lessons from Lunch with a Senior VP of Columbia Pictures!

I had the incredible opportunity to have lunch with Devon Franklin, Senior VP of Production, for Columbia Pictures. His story will blow you away. How a guy could still be so grounded in his faith, yet run one of the biggest movies production companies on the planet is beyond me. It was fun to hear about the making of Annie as well as his days as Will Smith’s assistant.

The lunch was full of amazing one liners. So I thought I would share them with you tonight…

-When you operate in fear, you aren’t your best self!

-Life happens to all of us. How do you stay focused?

-You must play the scene in your mind where you want to go.

-Leadership is all about being in seasons of un-comfortablility.

-WHy do you want to lead? You must know why.

-Always monitor the labels you put on people. They may not be a bad person, but in a bad season.

-Create an environment where gifts can be fostered.

-It’s not just the door opening, but how it opens. Can you be yourself?

-When you own who you are, the calling will operate with you. You don’t have to compromise.

-Let your work speak for you and bring the increase.

-Success is not an elevator. It’s a staircase. Take the steps. If you go to fast, you will not be prepared for the top.

-Model where the company is going by the way you dress and arrive.

-As the leader, morn losses, but have the courage to keep going. Moses and Joshua are a great illustration.

-Owning your identity is rare. Have the courage to be who you are.

-Faith isn’t an obstacle to your dreams, but the catalyst.

-The greater the challenge… the greater the victory!

It truly was on of the greatest lunches I have been a part of. Take some of these and think on them. Let them challenge you to keep going. To be yourself along the way. And make your faith the top priority of all.