In Tim We Trust

  The Christian world left church yesterday to a mix of horrible news and great news. The horrible news came from Ethiopia where more Christians were killed by ISIS. This simply makes me mad. If it were any other religious group… Our nation would be up in arms. This story was simply a side note to another story in America. 

Tim Tebow is back!

The Philadelphia Eagles have reached an agreement with Tim for this coming season. And all of the known Christian world rejoiced! 

Tim seems to be a great guy and a great Christian witness… But let’s all be honest for a moment. He’s just not a great NFL player. I think we will see the exact same thing from Tebow we saw in his last 2 seasons. A lot of bench sitting. 

Tim… You were doing a great job on the SEC Network. You were making a difference with the people on the set of the show. You should have stayed there. 

But you can’t fault him for chasing his dream. So good luck Tim. I hope you find what you’re looking for. 

Brandon Hester