Trending today is the hashtag “I’m with her.” It’s in reference to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Debate. Claiming she was the most qualified candidate to be the President of the United States. 

That’s scary! And here is why:

1. She made several references to her being a female. 

We get it Hillary… You’re a woman. You can handle tough situations. You’ve been to Law School. You’ve birthed a child. You’ve even handled the pressure of being the First Lady and Secretary of State. And for that… We applaud you. 

You being a female doesn’t qualify you to be the Commander in Chief… Just like me standing in a garage doesn’t qualify me to be a car!

We know you’re a female. We know females are perfectly capable of the highest levels of Leadership. But for the love of everything… Please stop playing the female card. 

That may be a ploy to get you elected… But what does being female have to do with the War on Terror, our Financial Crisis, and Climate Change? Nothing whatsoever. 

2. She is currently under the investigation of the FBI!

Last night she shrugged off the email scandal she’s involved in as a mistake… And told people to get over it. Whaaaaa?!?!

Get over it?!?!  

Last time I checked… Just because you say you’re sorry doesn’t make the consequences go away! There have been many on the Obama staff who have been fired for things such as this. We have even trashed an Army Generals reputation over something like this…

But you want to just say sorry and move on? When anyone would mention it in last nights debate… It would get shut down fairly quick. It’s as though that issue was off limits. 

Do we really want our Leader to be at the center of a massive investigation?

3. She is still in favor of the “Big Banks!”

Our financial crisis is no doubt tied to fall out of Wall Street. With Market manipulation coming to the forefront… There is a huge need to bust these banks up. For the greater good of the people. 

Yet she can’t seem to get behind it. 

She made a comment last night where she went down to the Heads of Wall Street and said “stop it!” Right! I’m sure that worked out as well as telling my kids repeatedly to stop fighting. 

What is the reason behind her still fighting for the Big Banks? Who knows… But I’m sure there are some lobbiest out there who could clue us in.

 If I had to guess why…I’d say she’s been bought!

So…. If you’re idea of a great leader is someone who hangs their hat on their gender, is under investigation from the FBI, and can seemingly be bought… Than she’s your candidate. 

But as for me…



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  1. And that’s not even talking Bengazi. She is not above accountability.

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