I’m A Pastor Who Understands Bruce Jenners Journey!

  We’re all in pursuit to be ourselves. Yet most of us have no clue who that is. We have become the person that everyone else thinks we should be. We’re Doctors because our Dads were Doctors. We’re Teachers because our Moms were Teachers. We joined the Military because everyone said we should to be like Uncle John! 

What we lose in the process… Ourselves. We get halfway through life and realize we are on a track we never wanted to be on. We’re on the track that others wanted us on. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can truly find our real selves. The person you always dreamed of being. You were afraid to say anything because you thought people would laugh. And they may… But who freaking cares. Life is too short to be lived for someone else. You’ve gotta be you!

And I’m all for that…

 But… The secret… The real you is found in the real God! After all… He’s your creator. And if you want to know who he created you to be… You’ve gotta ask him… Not your Dad or Mom or Uncle or Friends. We were all created in His image for His purpose. And make no mistakes about it… He will not ask you to be anything that contradicts his word. Always cross what God is asking you to be with his word!

So I understand the journey Bruce Jenner is on. I get it. I think he’s twisted and lost. I think he’s more confused now than he’s ever been. But I get it!

May we all be in pursuit of being ourselves. The us God created us to be!

Brandon Hester


  1. “Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself!” – Kierkegaard

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