I’ll Be Strong For You

Life is tough. For everyone. And there are moments when we wonder how we’re going to make it through. It seems as if we’ve been in a 12 round fight for years now. Only getting a few seconds to catch our breath between rounds. 

As the fight goes on… We begin to wear down. Our defenses drop leaving ourselves open to more blows. And they hurt more. More than it did when we first started out. 

We’re not sure if we can keep going back out there only to be pounded again. But what choice do we have? We can’t just lay down. Giving up isn’t an option. We must continue to fight. 

It’s in those moments in my life… The moments when I just want to give up… That I hear the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit. 

“You go back out there… I’ll be strong for you!”

Now there are two parts to that statement… 

The one we like the best is… I’ll be strong for you. There is something great about knowing God is our strength. We don’t have to face life alone. He is with us. We all find comfort in that. 

Moses certainly did in Exodus 14:14. 

It’s a verse that you hear people use all the time during tough seasons of life. I’ve heard many people say it’s the verse God gave them during that season. 

The verse says… “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Yes… That’s what we want… To just sit still and let God fight our battles for us. God I’m beat up. So I’m going to sit this round out and let you fight for me. 

It’s a verse that’s comforting… The only problem with the way we use this passage is the following verse!

Exodus 14:15  Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on!”

Moses says let’s be still and let God fight…             God says you get moving and I will help you fight!

The whisper I hear from the Holy Spirit isn’t telling me to sit the round out… It’s telling me to get back in the fight… But during the fight… When my strength gives out… His strength kicks in! When I’ve gone all I can go… He gives me the extra strength to keep going. 

I find myself in a season currently where I feel beat up. I’m tired. And life just keeps coming at me. It would be easy to throw in the towel. But there is absolutely no chance that will happen. Because I know… In these moments in my life… God tends to do his greatest work in me!

It’s in these moments when the words of Paul ring so loud in our ears. 

2 Cor. 12:9 “My power is made perfect in your weakness.”

Maybe some of you are in a tough season of life. You’re exhausted. You feel beat up. You’re not sure if you can even go back out for another round of the fight. Please here the gentle whisperer of the Holy Spirit today…

“You go back out there… I’ll be strong for you!”

Remember… He isn’t going to fight the battle for you. He could. But he isn’t. He didn’t for Joshua. He didn’t for David. They still had to show up. But he will give you the strength to continue the fight. 

Let’s make a deal… I’ll pray for you during this season, if you’ll pray for me! Giving up isn’t an option. We will get through this round! And who we will be on the other side of the fight will be a totally different person. One who is a little bit more mature in their faith. Ultimately… That’s what I want. For you and for me!