I have Failed

I have tried. I have failed. Over and over again. My life is a series of failures. Yet that’s what makes me who I am. 

Some people let that define them. 

Henry Ford did not see himself as a success for what he brought into the world. He thought himself a failure on how he parented his son!

Some people let that stop them. 

Will Barker, a famous gold prospector, gave up on a site just 3 feet short of the biggest gold find in U.S. History because he was convinced nothing was there. 

Some people let that motivate them. 

I attended a lunch with Anne Beiler, owner of Auntie Anne’s pretzels this week. She told us time and time again about all the failures that led her to the one success of Auntie Anne’s. 

Anne said her great success will never be Auntie Anne’s… But overcoming her failures. 

But most of us despise failure. We just want to succeed at everything. And if we think we can’t… We never try. 

The truth: To never risk is to never live. 

You will fail if you take risk! But that’s ok!

It doesn’t define you. Don’t let it stop you!

Be motivated to continue. You never know…

Success may only be 3 feet away!

Brandon Hester