Headed to Peru


It’s so much fun to watch a dream come to life! A little over a year ago I began to have sleepless nights. I would wake up and pray. Asking God what was going on and why I was feeling restless. 

I had recently taken the job of Lead Pastor at Glad Tidings Church in Norfolk Va. It’s a great church with amazing people. It also has an amazing 80 year heritage. Within those 80 years this church planted 20 churches world wide. Simply awesome. 

But what I felt God speaking to me was even bigger. I felt we need to plant 80 churches in the next 20 years. And on our 100th birthday… We would have planted 100 churches world wide!

With this… The 80/20 Experience was born!

We hooked up with a group called ICM. They build churches and community centers all across the globe. They have been a joy to work with. 

So far we have built 5 churches. Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Peru have been the countries. And today we leave to the dedication of the first completed building in Peru!

We will literally see the results of the sleepless nights, All the prayers and tears, And we will meet the 120 people who prayed for 20 years for the opportunity to have a church building. 

Pray for us as we go. We are so excited! The next few post will come to you from Peru. 


Dreams and Prayers do come true!

Brandon Hester