God… Our Heavenly Spotter?

If you’ve ever been to the gym and lifted any weights at all… You know the value of someone spotting you. As you lift the weight over and and over again, you body becomes tired. Your arms begin to shake under the pressure pushing back on you. You are pushing with everything you have in you!

Three, two, last one…. You’re giving it all you’ve got…. Sometimes you are able to get the weight back up… Sometimes you’re not!

That’s where the spotter is critical. When you’ve pushed with everything you’ve got and the weight begins to fall back on you… The spotter is there to take over the load of the weight. The spotter keeps the weight from crushing you. 

Yes… Your spotter will let you struggle with the weight for a little while. That’s how you get stronger. 

No… Your spotter will not let the load of the weight harm you. 

This sounds an awful lot like God! Our Heavenly Spotter. 

He’s always behind us. He’s always watching over us. He will let us struggle with the weight for a while… After all… That’s how we get stronger. But he will not let the weight crush us. He will take over the load when we have no energy left. 

Gal 6:2