Get Away For A Few Days

Nothing is more refreshing to the soul than to get away for a few days. 

Away from the noise. Away from the grind. Away from cheerleading practices and meetings and email and on and on and on. 

To say that the past few weeks for me have been tough is an understatement. Losing a Elder and a friend is hard. Walking people through grief is even harder. 

I am tired… And my wife knew it!

So she scheduled a few days away in the BlueRidge Mountains. A chance to get away and relax. 

To decompress. To sleep. To think. To enjoy time together. 

And I must say… I’m have found solitude in this little cabin in the woods. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed… I understand. Maybe it’s time you get away for a few days. 

You must make the time to do so. For yourself. For others. It’s good for your soul!