Finding Jesus

CNN started a new series last night called Finding Jesus. The pursuit to find out if in fact Jesus truly existed. They are trying to bring facts to the surface while at the same time debunking myths. 

I always watch these shows with skepticism.

What’s really their agenda here? Do they truly want to show people that Jesus existed? Or are they going to do everything in their power to prove it’s all a hoax.

One thing is certain. People are hungry to know more. In an age where some people say religion doesn’t matter. Or religion is dead. There seems to be a hunger for more movies, shows, and knowledge of the spiritual.

Even my Atheist friends are asking more questions about faith now. They typically only like to provide answers.

Which brings me to this… The church for so long has been in a place where we have placed defense. We felt as if we had to defend what we believe.

Things have shifted!

With people asking so many questions… We are on offense now. They are looking to us as Christians to answer questions. To explain what we believe and why we believe it.

We have a chance to tell our stories.

How we found Jesus! How we have been forever changed by his love and mercy and grace. And how he can be found everywhere if we are looking!

In a smile from your kids when you’re having a rough day.

In a beautiful sky on your drive home.

In His word when you open it!

This has the chance to be our finest hour as Christians of this era. People are asking. People are interested.

Will you stand up and share your story. The story of how you Found Jesus!

Brandon Hester