Enthusiastically Weary!

I woke up this morning and stared at the ceiling for about 3 minutes trying to convince myself to get up. I usually don’t have this problem. When the alarm goes off… I pop right up ready to take on the day. But today was different. I was tired. I am beginning to feel worn down. And that’s a good and bad thing. 
I truly love what I do. Serving people is my passion. Seeing lives changed by the power of a loving God is what gets me up every morning. And within this past month we have seen God do incredible things through our church. Easter was awesome. Our week in Peru was mind blowing. Coming home and seeing our student ministry knock it out of the park at a Fine Arts Festival was nothing short of amazing. 

Those were all great things… But despite all of those energizing things… I’m weary. I tried to do more than my body and mind could accomplish. I did not set healthy boundaries. And I’m feeling it now. 

I acted as though I could not trust God to bring the success that I have prayed and longed for. I acted as though I had to do it all by myself. I wanted success whether God helped me or not. And in those moments… We disrespect God and presumably try to take his place. 

Sometimes we work as though we have no normal human limits. I am feeling very human now. My limits are starting to become clear. 

I tried to go beyond the strength God gave me… And I have exhausted myself. 

Gods call always comes with Gods empowerment, but our human limits are real, and the weariness of leadership must be respected in honest humility. 

In these moments… We can hang on to this scripture:

Isaiah 40:29                                                                       He gives power to those who are tired and worn out; he offers strength to the weak. 


Brandon Hester