Drop your Mask…

An old friend… Dick Foth… once told me the greatest distance you’ll ever travel is 4 1/2 inches. The distance between your ears.

Simply put… You are who you think you are.

Einstein said… “Imagination is more important than knowledge because imagination has no limits!

The real question though is… Within that 4 1/2 inches between your ears…. How do you see yourself?

Most of us view ourselves in a negative way. We know the mistakes we have made. We know the hidden sins in our life that we don’t want others to see. We know the hurt that we carry on a daily basis. But we are afraid to let others see all of that.

We play the what if game… What if they found out… They would hate me. What if I told the truth… They would never talk to me again.

So we do what everyone else does in life… We put on a mask. We hide who we really are because we are afraid of being exposed.

But it’s time to stop this act. We must all Drop our Masks! Its time to tell the truth about who we really are…  Why?!?!

  1. When you tell the truth about the way YOU see yourself… thats when GOD begins to set you free!

The truth is we are all broken, jacked up people on a journey. To try and act like you have it all together and nothing is bothering you is exhausting. You can’t keep up that act forever.

How many of the flat areas in your life could God use if you just told the truth about it?

2.The only types of people God uses are broken people!

Look at the disciples. They were messed up individuals. Yet God used them to change the world. And I think the reason they were able to do so is because people could relate to the stories of where they came from. People don’t connect with your education, job experience, or who you know… You are connected to people by your story. And if you are only sharing the stories that make you look like a hero… You are only creating competition. If you want to create community… Drop your mask and share your failures. Share your struggles. People get those stories.

With the use of Social Media… We are the most connected generation without any real relationship. And I personally think its because Facebook, Twitter, etc… are designed for us to share only the good things we want everyone to see. The vacations we go on. The awards we won. And we neglect to show everyone the behind the scene moments.

I don’t know about you… But I’m ready for everyone to just drop their masks!  Be real! Let’s really create community and be there to support each other along the way!

Brandon Hester