Disney World… The Greatest Place On Earth!

Standing in lines in the heat. The screams of excitement and exhaustion feel the air. Different languages are being spoken all around. A train horn that can be heard from anywhere. This is the soundtrack of Walt Disney World. 
And I love it!

It’s impossible to have a bad day at Disney World. The smiles on the faces of everyone energize the place. The look of shear excitement or terror in the eyes of two year olds when the spot Mickey is priceless. And have you even tasted the LeFou’s Brew at Garsons Tavern?!?! That’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.  

The resorts are remarkable and convenient. The customers service is second to none. The extended park hours for those who stay at Disney resorts are worth the price itself.  The park nearly empties out for hours!

But there is something else… Something greater that makes this place the greatest!

The way they treat kids with special needs and their families is inspiring. 

Many of you know I have a niece with special needs named Sadie. Her story is remarkable. I’ll share it with you soon. I love that little girl so much. And if you dare mess with Sadie… I don’t respond very pastoral. 

 We have sat back and watched how Disney has treated Sadie and our entire family the past few days. Wow! Making sure she gets to all the shows and has the best seats possible. Fast passes to all the rides that Sadie can ride on. Even making sure Sadie has a special seat on buses. 

And all that is cool… But the people. The employees loving Sadie and speaking to her… THAT… Will leave you in tears

Society has taught us that people with special needs are the problem. That they are an inconvenience. That they are outcast. 

But society is a liar!

People who suffer with any mental, physical, or emotional handicap didn’t ask for it. It’s the hand they were dealt. And their families… They are incredible people who deal with the struggles everyday. 

I think Disney understands this… and trys to make the moments at their parks the most unforgettable experiences of the familys life. Job well done Disney!

That’s what makes Walt Disney World such an amazing place. And in my opinion… It’s the greatest place on earth!

We could all learn a lesson on how to show hospitality to people with Special Needs and their families!

Ok… Sitting time is over. Time to hit the park for a few more hours!