Disconnected Marriages (And How To Make Sure Yours Isn’t!)

  Business trips, working late, taking your daughter to play practice, taking your son to soccer practice, homework, church, etc… We live in a society where we are so busy. Crazy busy. We barely have time to breath… let alone time to spend with our spouses. It’s no wonder marriages are ending at such an incredible rate. 

But I think there is one major player in couples losing touch with one another. The irony… It’s a device to keep us in touch with each other. 

Our Phones…

They are a blessing and a curse. It is fantastic that we are able to connect with one another no matter where we may find ourselves on this planet. But while we may be able to talk with one another from across the globe… It’s the same device that keeps us from talking to one another at a restaurant. 

When is the last time you just looked around at a restaurant and saw how many people were not talking to each other. They’re all on their phones. Or how about after you send your kids to bed and are sitting downstairs with your spouse… While one is answering emails from work and the other is on Pinterest. 

We’re so connected with the outside world… Yet we’re so disconnected as a family. We care more about what Katie from HighSchool had for lunch then we do sitting with our wives and hearing about her day. We would rather spend time looking up new recipes on Pinterest instead of spending quality one on one time with your husband dreaming about life together. 

And we don’t necessarily do this on purpose!

We drift into this lifestyle. Like playing in the ocean… You’ll look up and be 50 yards away from where you started. It happened gradually. And you didn’t even notice. Many marriages are drifting apart and it is happening gradually. But our heads are to buried in our phones to even notice. 

Marriages are so disconnected now… And it’s because we’re so connected in other areas! 

So here’s the challenge to all Married Couples out there today….

Make the decision for 1 month to disconnect with the outside world… And reconnect with your spouse. 

When you get home at the end of the day… Put everything electronic away. Just sit and talk. Dream together. Like you once did when you were dating. 

I promise… You will not come back and say “I regret spending more time with my spouse!”

Put the phone away… Take your marriage back!

Brandon Hester