David Letterman, Surge, and Sporks

  Life is filled with amazing moments. Some moments are great while they are taking place… But they aren’t those moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. But every so often we run across things that are truly mind blowing!

For as long as I live… I will never forget the first experience with a few things! Sure there is the normal list like girls, Nintendo, and Chipotle… But I wanted to share a few other encounters I have had along my life journey that I’ll never forget!

1. Sporks!

I walked into Taco Bell and ordered a Mexican Pizza. I proceeded to the condiment table behind me and grabbed some sauce, napkins, and what I thought was a fork. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. When I pulled the plastic off this utensil… I was in awe. It was a spoon. It was a fork. It was both… And it was genius. The guy who invented this was indeed the Michael Jordan of the utensil world. God bless him for that. 

2. Surge

So tired it’s hard to keep your eyes open… Surge!        Do you have a paper you forgot to write and it’s time to pull an all-nighter?!?! Surge! Coca Cola came out with the grandfather of all caffeinated drinks when I was just starting college called Surge. Who needed alcohol when you had this little gem. It made me feel like I could run through walls. And then… Like a bad breakup… It was gone. I had no answers. All I knew is I gave that drink some of the best years of my life. 

3. David Letterman

When I was a teen I would watch Letterman here or there. I couldn’t yet appreciate what he was giving my generation. Nothing short of great television on a consistent basis. And I didn’t see this until I had my first little girl. For some weird reason… Starting at about 9 months old, my daughter would not go to bed before seeing David’s monologue. She would sit up in her bed. Watch him do what he does best… And then she would lay down and go to sleep. But that’s over now as well. What a great run Letterman. Thanks for the memories I’ll always have with my daughter. 

What are some of the moments you have had that will forever be in your memory?!?!

Brandon Hester