Cool Church is Dying!

Lights, loud music, fog machines and haze. All for the reasons of making the church environment feel cool and modern. All to try and set a mood. To create some emotional experience while in church. 

There’s nothing wrong with this. The church I lead has some of the same things. But it’s a dying trend!

Primarily because cool is a moving target!

What’s cool today will not be cool two years from now. Besides… You may have been the first church in town to do it… But now everyone has the same set up. 

I’m convinced people aren’t looking for cool anymore. They are looking for real!

Having a cool environment is great… But if everything feels rehearsed from beginning to end… People can sniff that out. And I’m not saying don’t be excellent in everything you do… Just don’t be fake!

Ultimately what do you want people walking away talking about… Your lights… Or their spiritual encounter with a living God?

Again… I’m not against cool church. And it works for some. But we are seeing an increasing number of people leaving cool church in pursuit for something real. Something that doesn’t feel like a performance. 

So my question to Pastors… Are you spending just as much time in prayer for your service as you are in planning meetings? Do you want people walking away talking about your church… or your God?

I think cool church is dead… Real church is now the thing!


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