Bucket List Moments

Bucket lists… We all have them. Places we want to go. Things we want to see. Experiences we want to have. We all dream about these moments.

But that’s just it. Most of us only DREAM about these moments. We never really position ourselves to actually SEE the moments. 

For what ever reason… 2015 has been a year for me to actually see and experience Bucket List items. 

I always wanted to see Machu Picchu. High in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This past April… I experienced the moment. 

Two nights ago… I had opportunity to see the Northern Lights. I’ve always wanted to see them. They were going to be very visible the first night in North Dakota. The problem…  I had only slept 3 hours in the past 48 hours. I was exhausted. And I had to ask myself a question. 

Did I want to dream of seeing the Northern Lights… Or did I actually want to see them. 

To see them required sacrifice. I would have to stay up late again. But there was no way I was going to come this close and not see them. We drove out to the middle of nowhere… Stared into the sky for about 30 mins. Nothing!

And then all of a sudden out of nowhere… They appeared. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The lights pulsating over our heads. It was incredible. 

Obviously my phone isn’t going to take the greatest picture of it. But it was amazing. 

So that’s another thing off my list… And at the rate 2015 is going… Who knows what else I might be able to cross off. 

If you have a bucket list… And I hope you do. Don’t just dream of seeing and experiencing places. Go out and make it happen. 

Brandon Hester