Brady Snyder (Wonder Child) Graduates!


On May 18th, 1989 a little baby boy came to this planet. Some thought him an ordinary boy… He wasn’t. He was much greater. 

(Brady at 9 months)

Early on we began to see him do incredible things. Walking. Talking. And even on occasions… Going to the potty by himself. By age 4, he was completely out of diapers. And his look was changing…he wasn’t a little baby anymore.  Like I said, he was incredible. 

 (Brady at 4 years old)

I’ll never forget when he turned 10 years old. He climbed a tree to save a little kitten for an old lady. Once he realized he was saving a cat, he snapped back to his senses and threw the cat further up the tree. Brady was a hero. Controlling cat population was a gift from above. 

(Brady at 10 years old)

Brady started growing up on us. Like all teenage boys, he was soon all about video games and girls. But he was still considered an academic genius. He was what we called an all around great teen!


(Brady at 15 years old)

And now… Here we are. At his graduation day. I can’t believe how time has flown. We watched you grow from a baby into a man. And we are so proud of you. Congrats, Brady Snyder. We can’t wait to see what’s next…although we did have an artist draw what we think you may look like!

We love you!

(Brady Snyder 45 years old)

Brandon Hester