Best Articles I’ve Read This Week!

  Leaders are readers! I spend a lot of time reading and researching. There is no possible way to get up and communicate every week for 30 minutes without it. 

Here are this weeks best articles. Enjoy!

  • Great article in the Washington Post on how meditation not only reduces stress… But changes your brain!     Click Here

  • Fast Company gives great insight on 7 things Highly Effective People do!  Click Here

  • Thought provoking quotes that everyone should get familiar with from Epic Launch. Click Here

  • Wealthy Gorilla had a good article on why you should be taking at least 1 day off. Click Here

  • Harvard Business Review teaches you how to improve your influence. Click Here

  • Marc and Angel gives you 9 things you should do before 9a.m.  Click Here

  • Funny or Die does it again with the best GIFs of the week!  So funny. Click Here

  • Great reminder from Seth Godin… Forget the haters… The only people who matter are your fans! Click Here

Ok guys…  What articles did you read this week that I missed?!?!

Brandon Hester