Be Still

Its Saturday morning. You’re still laying in bed trying to convince yourself to get up. You have another busy day ahead. Your kids have practice. You promised a friend you would help them move. Your yard looks like a jungle and your afraid of what the neighbor thinks. There is so much to do. 

And you’re exhausted!

I have terrible news for you. There will always be things to do. It will never end. Once you finish one task… There will be three more waiting for you. We have convinced ourselves that we can do it all. That we HAVE to do it all. If we don’t do it… How will it ever get done?!?! Everything depends on us. 

When we do this… We give ourselves a Messiah complex. Like all of humanity is counting on us to accomish everything. And guess what… They’re not. 

When you’re wondering what the neighbor will think if you don’t do something… Let me help you out… They aren’t even thinking about you. 

When you’re worried about having to make it to a party our everyone will think bad about you… Guess what… They aren’t even thinking about you. 

And on and on and on… 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish things out of obligation and not necessity. And we are worn out!

I love Psalm 46:10… It’s sort of a life verse for me. 

“Be still and know that I’m God. “

Whenever you get two commands back to back its called a “coordinating set of imperatives.” The emphasis is always on the second command. 

So the psalmist is telling us we must be still in order to know that we are not God! Slow down so that you can understand who is truly in charge or all things. That all of humanity does not rely on you. 

This has helped me in ways I couldn’t even explain to you. To begin to stop. To slow down. And remember who is in charge. 

So it’s Saturday morning… Grab you a cup of coffee. Sit on your back porch. And create room to breath. Slow down. Enjoy today… Don’t dread it.