Apostle Paul, Bill Belichick, and You!


I’ve spent the better part of 14 years reading different leadership books, blogs, and magazines. I’ve heard 21 Irrefutable Laws and 7 habits all geared to make me a better leader and person.

They have all been very helpful. I continue to plow threw many books a year and listen to many podcasts on my way to and from work everyday. But I’ve learned more about leadership sitting on the beach in Outer Banks NC from former CNO of the US Navy, Admiral Vern Clark, then I’ve learned in all the other years combined.

The most valuable thing you have as a leader is your?????


If I’ve heard him say it once… I’ve heard him say it a million times. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge, wisdom, money, or power you have… If you do not have credibility with people, they will never really follow you.

This isn’t anything new…

Look at the Apostle Paul. After an incredible conversion on a dirt road to Demascus, it was three years before he began to preach. Why… Credibility! He had a reputation as a Christian Murderer. People didn’t know if they could trust him. He had to go through a process to show that he was committed to Christ. To rebuild his credibility.

Bill Belichick now 6 days out from his 6th Super Bowl isn’t answering questions about the game… But if his team cheated in the previous game. It isn’t his first time being accused either. He was previously found guilty of spying on other teams. Now Bill says he had no idea about the issue… But nobody really believes him! Why… He lost his credibility! Any time his name comes up with cheating… Everyone just assumes he did.

And then there’s you… And me… Where do we stand with the people we lead? With our family? And friends? Do we over commit and under deliver? Sure we all have good intentions. We truly do want to meet with everyone. We want to be at every baseball game. So we say YES… To everything. Only to have to go back and cancel. Or reschedule.

And there is so much more at stake them a rescheduled meeting… It’s our credibility.

So if you say yes, you’ll be there… Go!

If you commit to doing something… Do it!

If you don’t have credibility with the people in you life… If they can’t take you at your word… It’s going to be hard to accomplish anything.

Be credible!

Brandon Hester