A Walking Miracle

They suggested that we abort her! They said at best she would have severe Down Syndrome and at worst she would live 4 hours. April 1st 2010 was indeed one of the darkest days of our lives. But allow me to start at the beginning. 

My wife Tiffany and I decided it was time to add to our family of 3. We had a beautiful and healthy little girl, Karsyn Blair, but felt it was time for one more. This is not just an easy decision for us. Tiffany has epilepsy and it can be dangerous for both her and the baby. But we felt the risk was worth the reward. 

Once Tiffany became pregnant… The Doctors began to monitor both her and the baby very close. She has to go to special Doctors during the pregnancy because she is considered “High Risk.” 

On April 1st… The Thursday before good Friday… We went in for a routine Doctors visit in which they were going to do an ultrasound and check the baby out. We were excited to say the least. We couldn’t wait to see her. The nurse began to look around at the baby… And then called a few Doctors in. Our excitement turned to nerves as they just whispered back and forth to each other. 

They finally dropped the hammer on us. It was horrible news. We both began to cry as they continued to share the news. Thats when the Doctor said it…

“I wanted you guys to know this in case you wanted to go ahead and terminate the pregnancy!”

With a few choice words I asked the Doctor to leave. They did… But asked us to come back on Monday to see the Director of the entire Program of Eastern Virginia Medical School. 

We went home to a hellish weekend… And ironically… It was Easter weekend. 

Now most of you know I’m a Pastor. Easter weekend is like our Super Bowl. It’s a weekend that needs our full attention. Yet our minds were elsewhere. If ever we had to put on fake smiles and act like everything was ok… It was this weekend. 

But our hearts were breaking. How could this be happening? God why?

So we spent much of the weekend in tears and in prayer. Asking God… Begging God… For some sort of miracle. We were desperate. 

We arrived back at the Doctors office on April 5th to meet with the Director who wanted to explain the severity of the situation to us. I asked the Doctor to please check one more time to see what was going on. He seemed aggravated but did it anyway. 

As he began to look at the baby… His eyes began to get bigger and bigger… He began to print off numerous pictures. He walked out of the room for a moment and I began to sense something was up. 

He came back in the room and showed us that everything that was wrong on Thursday was completely normal on Monday!  He couldn’t explain it. He was dumbfounded. He looked at me and said… 4 days ago this baby didn’t even have a nose… Now everything is completely normal. 

We began to cry again… This time because we knew what had happened. 

The God we serve had completely healed our baby! There is no other explanation. 

And from that moment on… She has been perfect in every way. No health issue whatsoever. One of the smartest and sassiest little girls you’ll ever meet. 

And today… She turns 5 years old!

They suggested to us that we abort this little girl. This beautiful, perfect, and wild little child. They said she wouldn’t be able to function on her own if she lived past 4 hours. And they were wrong!

Through all of this… I am reminded just how much God hears us. I’m reminded of how much God loves us. And every time I look at this little girl… I’m reminded that we are still His!

Click here to listen to this little girl singing with her momma at 3 years old!
Happy 5th birthday Dylan. You’re truly a walking miracle! I love you!




  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

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