80/20 Experience

  A little over a year ago… I began to wrestle with something big. It kept me up at night. I didn’t know how it could happen. Or even if I should say anything to our church about it. But I went for it…

You see the Church I Lead is an 80 year old church. It has seen some incredible things in its first 80 years. But one of the great things our church has done was start 20 churches around the world. 

20 churches in 80 years… That’s awesome. But here is the thing I wrestled with. Over the course of the next 20 years… I would like to see us build 80 churches. 

On our 100 birthday as a Church… We would have planted 100 churches world wide!

The 80/20 Experience was born!

So we started about a year ago… Needing to build 4 churches a year… And we are already blowing that out of the water! We have already built 7 churches. From Tanzania… To Nicaragua! We even visited the very first church in Peru about a month ago. This is a picture of the celebration they threw for us…

People are quickly grabbing a hold of the vision. Families are starting to come to us and say they want to build a church as a family!  How cool is that! 

I had a meeting this morning with the group we are working with to build these churches. They have created little iPods that carry Bible studies and Bible College courses and are sending them around the world. It is currently available in 36 languages. And they have the ability to have this device in the hands of 4 Billion people very soon!

I’m excited to see what God has in store for our church. The 80/20 Experience is going strong. And people who have waited years for a church building… Are now being blessed with one. And all because God is doing incredible things in the hearts of our people. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the 80/20 Experience… Feel free to email me!

Brandon Hester


  1. Yes! When i wear my 80/20 t shirt folks ask me what is that about?

  2. yes! When i wear my 80/20 t shirt folks ask me what is it all about??

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