5 things I LOVE about being the Daddy of Daughters.


So a few days ago I told you all the 5 things I HATE about being the Daddy of Daughters Here. They were funny… But also serious. I’m sure at some point I will long for those to be my only problems with daughters. 

But with my wife’s advice… I want to give you the 5 things I LOVE about being the Daddy of Daughters. And this list is actually harder to come up with. There are so many things I could say. It’s truly my greatest joy in life. 

1. There is no doubt… I’m their Hero!

From the moment they wake up and see me, it’s as if they haven’t seen me in days! When I come in from work… I’m always greeted with squills and giggles and a loud “DADDY’S HOME!”

When someone gets hurts… They come running to me to kiss “Boo Boo’s.” And I am Chief bug killer in our home. And when I have to kill a bug… They cheer as if I have an Olympic Gold Medal! In their eyes… I’m the man!

2. I always get to be Prince Charming!

It’s awesome… Every time we play dress up, I am the Prince they want to fall in love with. And that’s cute… But there is something bigger at play here. 

They are looking to me to teach them the way a Prince should treat a Princess. And that’s something I keep in the back of my mind all day. The way they see me treat their mother is the way they will expect to be treated. So I try my best to make it clear in my house… Yes, I will be Prince Charming… But Mom is my real Princess. And they know it. 

When I come home from work and those little squills start… They know I am not picking them up and kissing on them until after I have addressed MY princess first. And after I have kissed my wife and heard about her day… Then we get on to kissing on my little Princesses. 

One more thing… Dad’s… Tell your daughters how beautiful they are all the time! Because if you don’t… Some punk teenage boy will and he will expect something back in return. If she hears it from you often… She will not owe any boy anything. 

We get to be Prince Charming! Play that part well. 

3. I love when they climb up in my lap!

My 8 year old still loves to climb in my lap just about every night. I love holding her, tickling her, and even falling asleep with her in my arms just like when she was 8 weeks old. 

Now my 4 year old is a different story. If you know Dylan… That’s not a surprise. She will do a drive by sitting. She will come and sit with me for maybe 30 seconds… Tell me “She lobes me” and kisses me on the cheek. I’ll take it. 

I hope this never changes. I want my lap to be a safe place for my girls always. To come and let Daddy wrap his arms around them and let them know that everything will be ok!

4. They still want to be like me!

And they’re girls! I love it…  Sort of. Every time I get out to do yard work, they want to come help. When I’m painting around the house… They are there. They even sleep the exact same way I do… With one arm over their eyes!

Karsyn my 8 year old wants to be the best at any sport she plays because she knew I played sports. And I have caught Dylan my 4 year old standing in front of the toilet to pee instead of sitting down like a lady… And if you read my first post about the things I hate… Now you understand I’m not the only one in the house with bad aim!

They just want to do things like their daddy… And this makes me smile every time. 

5. They make me want to be better!

At everything. They make me want to be a better husband. A true example of what they should be looking for one day. They make me want to be a better father. And not just yell at them when they get out of bed 4000 times every night. They make me want to be a better person. To teach them to love everyone. Not to judge people by appearances. To spend time in God’s word and in prayer. To make them proud of their Daddy!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy being a Daddy to Daughters. Will I ever go out and play a basketball game with them. Probably not. Will they enjoy watching Alabama Football as much as me. Nope. Will we ever have the opportunity to pee out a campfire together. I sure hope not. That would be weird. 

But nothing… Absolutely Nothing… Can beat those little eyes looking up at you and saying “I Lobe you Daddy” with that sweet little voice. 

Blessings to you and your family!

Brandon Hester


  1. i never knew my father so i can only dream!!!

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