5 Things I hate about being a Daddy of Daughters


I LOVE my girls…. They are my entire world. Everything I do, I do for them. We have had so much fun together. And there is truly nothing better in this world than when they come up and sit in my lap and tell me they love me!

I live for those moments!

But… Being the only guy in the house is tough… Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get a word in, a thought out, or just 5 minutes of alone time…

I came up with my top 5 things I HATE about being a daddy of daughters… And this is all out of humor… I’m not really mad!

1. There is literally nobody else to blame “bathroom errors” on!

  • Toilet seat up… Daddy did it.
  • Pee on the floor… Daddy did it.
  • Clogged toilet… Daddy will fix it.

I am the sole owner of everything wrong in the bathroom. You can’t blame anyone else… Believe me, I’ve tried. Nobody buys it. I would love just one time for someone else to say… The toilet is clogged and I am responsible. A guy can dream…right?

2. Trying to fix their hair when Mom is gone!

This one straight torture… For them and for me. And I am convinced this is the reason a lot of guys just stay at home when the wife is away. I have done everything from Youtube videos for assistance to calling my mom. It usually ends with a brush getting caught in a rat’s nest in their hair. They start screaming… I start screaming… Threats start flying from both parties. It gets wild.

And then there are the bows… With those little clips. I have no idea how to get the bows to clip into the hair. I’ve twisted their hair into little logs and tried to put it through them… Didn’t work. I’ve tried no hair log and just clipped it on… Didn’t work. Why hasn’t anyone invented hair glue… So we could just temporarily glue it to their heads…  I HATE BOWS!

3.  Understanding EMOTIONS…

Who knew these little creatures we created were filled with so many emotions. And they can change at the drop of a hat! One minute everything is great… people are happy and laughing… But if you even look at them the wrong way… Or the wind blows in a different direction… BOOM… Now we’re crying… Or we’re yelling… I have literally been the “Best Dad in the World” and the “Meanest Dad in the World” all in one afternoon.

And I’ve tried hard to figure this one out… But I can’t. The best defense I have is Chick-Fil-A ice cream…  That seems to keep the emotions at bay for a little while. At least long enough for me to catch my breath before the next round starts.

4. Movie Choices…

Have you seen all the new Marvel movies?… Or what about the new Mission Impossible? Did you see American Sniper?

Nope… But I had the great pleasure of watching the new “My Little Ponies… Rainbow Rock!” The only Trilogy I’ve seen lately was the High School Musical Trilogy. And if I’m looking for an “edge of my seat” movie… There is always Tinkerbell movies that are full of adventure…

Guys… If you’re wondering if I’ve seen the latest “Man” movie…  just save us all some time… The answer is no!

5. They have the worst toys ever!

American Girl Dolls… Barbie Dolls… Dress up clothes… Really? It’s the worst. There is no action whatsoever. I can only play house for so long. Every time I play Barbies… Things get violent fast. And in the rare moments that I talk my wife into buying Nerf Guns for the girls… Somebody is going to get hurt. Crying will happen. And we take off on the emotional roller coaster I mentioned earlier!

I just want to play with toys that are awesome, and I can’t justify buying them for myself. Kids are a good way to accomplish that task and now I can’t get cool toys because I have girls!

So there you have it…  I am not saying I don’t love my daughters.  Again… they are my world!  They just run my world! And I’m pretty sure they will be telling me what to do for the rest of my life!

Brandon Hester


  1. Your Daughter’s are both very lovely girl’s & are a huge credit to you. I’m sure any Parent can relate to your worries in “raising a Child”, it’s not an easy job. My Children are grown up’s now, I often look at photo’s from when they were babies & wonder just where all those year’s went. Enjoy your’s while you can, believe me ” the trouble really start’s when they become teenager’s, I now understand why my Father was strict toward’s me & more lenient with my 2 brother’s. It must be so thrilling to get to visit a different country & to do some good work for other’s. I watched that film you recommended ” american sniper”, without giving the plot away an awesome film, full of emotion’s ranging from tense, sad, & provoking anger. To cut a long story short it was alot like awaking from a dream that left you feeling disoriented & shocked . Anyway least said, will let you make your own mind up on that one. A couple of other film’s worth watching are ” Schindler’s List & Saving Private Ryan”, nearly forgot ” Enemy at the gate’s”. I dont usually like war film’s but these are true to life & have a good story too them. Will let you go now as your either very busy or very tired. Good luck & thank’s for reading my babble . Keep us all updated in your quest , God bless you. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for reading! Be blessed! We’re are very tired and headed to bed.

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