5 Reasons Why Grown Men and Women Still Need Their Mothers

From the moment she laid her eyes on you she vowed to love you like no other. To protect you from all harm. To always be there for you. Through the good times and bad. She woke up with you in the middle of the night and stared into your wide eyes while you had your bottle. 
A little later in life… She sat through an ungodly amount of hours watching your ball games or dance recitals. Even when you did a horrible job… She was there to tell you that you’re the best on the team. She’s the chief encourager. 

And then comes prom nights, college choices, and picking a career path. All of which she is right by your side giving you wisdom and guidance along the way. 

You see we all grow up and leave home… But we never outgrow the love and encouragement we still need from our Moms. 

Here are 5 reasons we still need our Mother:

1. Nobody knows you better.

She knows your natural tendencies. How… Because you got your tendencies from her. At the very core of who you are is the person she molded you to be. So when you’re sad. She knows it before anyone else. If you have a hard decision to make… She knows your thought process. Sick… She knows exactly what you need. And this doesn’t change once you get older. The core of who you are was shaped by her!

2. She will always be there for you no matter what. 

She may not be able to be with you physically all the time… But she will be there emotionally. When things are going great in your life, she’s out there bragging on the person you have become. When things are tough she is always a phone call away. And if your mother is anything like mine… If I really needed her to be present… She would get in her car and drive all night to get to me. 

3. She’s not as dumb as she was when I was a teenager. 

Every teenager thinks their mother is the stupidest person on the planet. How dare you implement a curfew. I should be allowed to stay out all night if I want to. When we were kids… We saw no danger in this and completely thought she was dumb. Well she isn’t. In fact, the older we get… The smarter she miracuosly becomes. Or maybe… She was that smart all along… and we were the idiots. As we grow older we see just how wise she really is and we spend countless hours trying to gain wisdom from her. If you’ll listen… She will keep you from making many mistakes throughout your lifetime. 

4. She holds the secret ingredient to all the recipes!

Every food you grew up enjoying… She knows how to make it. And when you get out on your own and try it yourself… It just doesn’t taste the same. That’s because every mother has a secret ingredient to every recipe that she’s not telling you. And won’t tell your wife. This is on purpose. So when she comes to town… SHE… can be the one to make that dish you love so much. But if you’re nice to her… At some point in life she will share that ingredient… If you’re a jerk. It dies when she dies! Ha!

5. Nobody prays for you like she does. 

I know I am where I am today because of the prayers of my mother. The countless hours I will never know. She has spent time on her face before God asking him to protect me, guide me, empower me to do what he has called me to do. And I’ll be honest… This is the most important thing to me. I can do without recipes and her bragging on me. But I can’t go on without her prayers. 

So we all grow up. We all move on. But we will never grow out of the fact that we all still need our mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Brandon Hester