34 Things You Didn’t Know About Me On My 34th Birthday!

Today is indeed my birthday. September 16. And I found out this morning that it’s the most common birthday in the United States!

That only fuels my middle child syndrome!

For whatever reason… This blog I started in January has thousands of readers. I’m both humbled and a excited to be on this journey with you guys. We’ve had great conversations and it’s been fun getting to know you. 

But I realized… Most of you get to read my thoughts and get a glimpse of the world I live in… But you don’t really know much about me!

So I thought on my 34th birthday I’d give you 34 things you probably don’t know about me!

Here it goes:

  1. I was a “redshirt” first grader. My parents held me back! 
  2. I sucked my thumb until I was 13!
  3. At 17 I left my girlfriend in Burger King to go on a date with another girl! I was stupid. 
  4. I’m truly ambidextrous. 
  5. I made a 15 on my A.C.T test. I think you get that for showing up. It was a crazy night before. I’ll never speak of that. 
  6. I hate wearing socks. 
  7. I never hit the snooze button. Once my alarm goes off… I just pop up!
  8. I spend the first few hours of ever morning in Starbucks. It’s my personal quite time. And much needed living with all girls!
  9. Americano is my drink of choice. 
  10. I check the weather first thing every morning!
  11. I love clean spaces! I come in every morning and straighten up my office before I can start working. 
  12. I love candles. I light them often. Love when a place smells good. 
  13. I’m a very picky eater! If you feed it to your kids… I’ll love it!
  14. I listen to Christmas music all year long. It just makes me happy!
  15. I don’t sleep well if my wife is not in bed with me. Just having her there helps me relax!
  16. I love College Football! Probably a little too much. RTR!
  17. We have rules in my house for Football Season. Most of them end with “Go ask Mom!”
  18. I cheat on board games. I just do. But at least I admit it. 
  19. Chipotle is the greatest restaurant on the planet. If you disagree… You have the right to be wrong!
  20. I love creating… Anything! Spaces, plans, ideas, babies… It’s just awesome to me!
  21. I’m picky about pens! Because I write mostly left handed… The ink can’t be wet or else it smears… So I need good pens. 
  22. I won’t leave the house if my clothes don’t match. I’ll even change glasses to match. 
  23. I iron everything! I don’t like to look sloppy and wrinkled. 
  24. I love antiques! Going shopping for them is one of my favorite things to do. 
  25. I’m an adventure junkie. Always looking for a new one. Sometimes to my own demise. 
  26. I love massages! I stay tense. It is one of the most relaxing things ever. 
  27. I have a tattoo. On my left forearm is the word “Selah.” It’s a reminder to me to pause and reflect on all that is good. 
  28. My Father is my hero! He has thaught me how to live, love, and work hard. I want to be like him when I grow up!
  29. I love writing! I’m giving myself the next year to write my first book. It will either be about our journey in Church revitalization… Or about the history of dance. But probably the first one. 
  30. I feel so blessed to be leading the church I lead. I truly love the people. I love the area. I love our staff. I love the vision God has given us. 
  31. I still get so nervous every Sunday before I speak! I hope this never goes away. The words I’m about to deliver are weighty. I want to always feel that. 
  32. I listen to the song “Walking in Memphis” every Sunday morning before I speak. It settles me. Thanks JT!
  33. Whenever I order something online… I’ll pay whatever I have to to get it overnighted! I get impatient and just want it ASAP!
  34. My three girls mean more to me than anything else in this world. The only opinion I care about in this world is theirs. I want to be famous in my home… Nowhere else!

So there ya go! For those who I see regularly… And for those who read this around the world… You now know me a little better. We all have our little quirks… You all know mine now. 

What’s yours? Just give me one. Because 34 from everyone would be nuts!

Love you all. Now I’m headed to lunch and a couples massage with my wife!