3 Reasons Why You Are Already A Great Parent!

It seems as though every post you read these days are targeted to make you better. Ways to eat better. How to be a better leader. 10 easy steps to a better life. And that’s cool. We should want to be the very best we can be. But if you’re anything like me… They are also the posts that remind you how much you suck! 

They are reminders of how you are eating horribly because you’re always on the run. They remind us of how we should be communicating to our employees in a different way. And we walk away from post that were meant to inspire… feeling down on ourselves. 

I met with a Mother last week who was questioning her parenting abilities. She read an article about “things great mothers do for their children” and felt as though she was a horrible mother because she doesn’t do any of those things. 

I assured her she was a terrific Mother and gave her 3 reasons why.

It’s the same 3 reasons why I know you are an excellent parent. And here they are:

1. You love your kids unconditionally!

Sure… There are moment you’d like to punt them across the room. But you don’t! And that’s a win right there. There will always be high moments and low moments. But your love for them never changes. 

And that’s what makes you great. Because everything in society today has conditions. We can’t even listen to music with coming to terms and agreements. And if you break those agreements… The relationship is over. But not the relationship with your little ones. 

When they’re singing in the school play… You love them and are so proud of them. When they’re coloring in your walls… You consider trading them in for a house plant. But you don’t. Because they are still your babies… And you love them. 

2. You provide for them as best as you can!

You may not give them everything they want… But you make sure they have food on the table and clothes to wear. You try to make sure they have everything they need for school. And when all that has been taken care of… Then you try to make away for them to have the shoes they want. Or the video game they’ve been asking for. 

You have taken care of their essential needs. And I know most of us want to do as much as we can for our kids… But this is truly the most important.  

This is the thing they will not be grateful for… Until they’re older. 

They will complain about not having anything. They will fight you over trips they want to go on but you can’t afford. They will say you’re the meanest parent because you never buy them anything. 

Hold those comments lightly. They don’t mean it. They just can’t see what you’re really providing them with. But they will get it one day. You just keep going. 

3. You have their best interest in mind!

You want nothing but the best for them. So you push them to be their best. 

You want to protect them and keep them safe. So you keep them out of harms way. 

You want to give them more in this life than you ever had. So you work two jobs to make ends meet. They may not see you much because of it… But you’re working hard for them!

And it’s all because you have their best interest in mind. All the decision you make in life… You have thought about how it would effect them. When they begin to date someone… You want to meet them. 

You do all of this for one reason and one reason only… Because you’re a great parent!

So let this be an encouragement today. You’re doing great. Sure… We can all be better. But that doesn’t mean you’re not doing great right now. Keep your head up. Keep going. Raising kids is tough. But you’re gonna make it. 

Pass this along to someone who may be going through a tough time with their kids. Remind them that they are awesome parents!

Brandon Hester