20 Mile Wall

I heard someone talk about running a marathon and all the training that takes place to perform the grueling 26 mile race. They recommend to begin training at least 3 to 4 months ahead and often runners start a year or two in advance. They say the most valuable training needed is mental determination and commitment to finish. Out of over 5,000 people in a NY marathon, only 680 finished! There is something that happens at the 20-mile mark that every runner experiences, “the wall”. It’s a total mental and physical meltdown, everything in their body tells them they cannot go on. Many runners experience it and prepare in advance to over compensate for that meltdown moment – placing supporters, cheerleaders, and water rejuvenation breaks along the way. One guy said he had a coach run along side him that mile to chatter about jokes and stories to get his mind off the pain and the discouragement. This season in my life has been the 20-mile mark in my marathon of life. But thanks to the supporters and cheerleaders, and of course the rejuvenating Water and most incredible Coach, we are now approaching mile 21 and going strong.

You see, God reminded me recently in my own 20-mile moment, that I am under his “shelter” and nothing can come against me or my family as long as I am in that place. Psalm 91:1 says “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” That secret place, the special place is where we will find our true rest, our true provision, our true security…in His shadow. So it’s under His shadow that I keep running, with confidence knowing that I will never go through a “20-mile mark” alone and that as long as I find rest in HIM, under His shadow, I will not only make it to the 21-mile mark, but I will finish the race.

P.S.  If you are at the 20 mile mark… Please know Im there cheering you on! Your are going to make it!