10 Things I Don’t Understand

Here’s a quick list of things I just don’t understand…

  1. Why it’s so hard to start a roll of Toilet Paper. 

2. Why some candles I buy don’t smell the same as they do when I bought them. 

3. Why some movies have all the funny parts in the preview. 

4. Why bed sheets can’t stay on the freaking mattress!

5. Why bathroom doors have handles you have to touch after washing your hands. 

6. Why the second sweet tea at restaurants aren’t as good as the first!

7. Why people pay for flowers! They’re just going to die!

8. Why people working the drive thru can’t make sure my lid is on all the way. 

9. Why people stopping in front of a store with their flashers on for 15 minutes isn’t considered parking. 

10. Why anyone would think its a good idea to rent a Kiosk in a Mall! Everyone hates you!

So tell me… What are things you don’t understand?!?!

Brandon Hester


  1. Okay,
    If toilet paper is started the proper way, as patent describes, you slide a finger under the first square and the rest follow suit. I thought that’s a start. I have answers for more, but don’t want to take away the suspense. Thanks for the ponderence.

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